Grandma’s birds

Visiting my grandmother at the nursing home, I saw these lovely birds. So colorful! I live in So. ?Korea, and there are only three kinds of birds I’ve seen… magpies, pigeons, and the occasional sparrow. Oh how I miss blue jays and cardinals and hummingbirds and finches! 


By casadewhimsy

Love and food


Following a heałthy food plan is sometimes a challenge. When I think of myself as caring for my inner child, though, healthy food is always a joy. The colors are beautiful, the flavor of each vegetable or fruit bursts forth, the smell, the textures. Eating is a joy. I just have to remember to treat myself with love.


When I was a child, I used to sing to the stars. I like to think they sang back to me, songs of hope and dreams.   No matter where I lived, Orion was always there… even south of the equator.