You don’t need a reason…


My bio mom. I look pretty much just like her…She wasn’t supposed to have children. It wreaked havoc on her body, and she died a few years after I was born. I borrow her love for me when I can’t find my own. Whose love do you know is ALWAYS holding you?

Shower Yourself with Love

January first. Unimportant except that it is an arbitrary day in which we look at x, y, and z, whatever they are for each of us. The line in the sand – would it matter if it were an inch closer or an inch farther from us? Would our decisions be different on January 2 or April 17 or September 29? But this is our line in the sand, our day to examine x, y, and z.

This is what I know of me.
I am an artist.
I am a cyclist.
I am something of a writer.
I am a person with deep wells of love… and pain.
I have a gift that needs to be used and not wasted.
I am uniquely me and really no different from anyone else.

What to decide? What to resolve?

To continue becoming and living as the woman I am.

What is your resolve? What do you know is true for you?


By casadewhimsy