Free Spirit

My bike takes me over the earth with the wind in my hair. I feel fire in my belly and the hot sun on my back.¬† I ride beside the river… its swelling waters threatening to overflow. My bike takes me to the elements… and to the essence of me.


By casadewhimsy



Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ~Lao Tzu

Sometimes I forget to be kind to myself. I would like to be more confident, more deeply aware of the world, more loving. I suppose to make that happen, as per Lao Tzu, I must be kind to myself. And you?

By casadewhimsy

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


After watching a jiu jitsu tournament last week, I wanted to make something to show appreciation for the day and the people there. My friend Julia made this statement that seemed really appropriate for that wish. Note the colors at the bottom – blue, purple, brown, and black. The colors of the belts following white. I’ll be writing a piece for her blog about that day (


Independence Day


July 4 is here. I think of all the ways we talk of independence. Martina McBride’s song about fighting back against abuse is a shining example. Sometimes independence comes with a price… sometimes even a terrible price. But perhaps it is worth it. What have you done for freedom today?