The Sun Comes Up in a Coffee Cup

The Sun Comes Up in a Coffee Cup

I broke my coffee pot last week. It was big and glass. I’d just cleaned my kitchen. Grounds, coffee, glass – everywhere! I was sad to lose that thing. When I moved to this country – where I don’t speak the language – I went to my local store and pantomimed making coffee in a French press. I even made the krrrrrrrrrrsh sound when I “pushed down the plunger”. The saleslady took me right to the shelf of coffee makers.

This coming week, one of my closest friends is leaving to go back to her country. She is giving me some of her kitchen supplies – including a French press. We’ve promised that we will have skype dates – her in her evening, me in my morning I expect. In my head I think she’ll open a bottle of wine and sip it while we talk. I’ll make coffee with the new-to-me French press that she has gifted to me. I bet I’ll even make the krrrrrrrrrsh sound for her. I can hear her response already. “That sounds awesome!”

By casadewhimsy

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