Have the Courage to Be Here Now

Have the Courage to Be Here Now

Courage is an important part of my life. The worst insult you can give me is, “You’re a coward.” I don’t know how that came to be true for me, but it is. I have done some obviously brave things – traveling around the world alone, leaving an abusive relationship, going to college, falling in love. But it’s the quiet things, the disciplined, step by step things that sometimes leave me bewildered. It is this that I focus on today. Every morning – 5 sun salutations. Every day – exercise. Every week – 12 step meeting. Every month – keep in contact with people. Every journal entry – finish it without being distracted with a thousand other things that pop into my head. For me this is being brave. For other people, the adrenalin rush of extreme sports, the traveling to new worlds, the arguing and making up – these are the things of courage for them. For me, to be brave means to sit still and be in the moment. What does it mean for you?

By casadewhimsy

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