Color your world with love 

My art supplies have arrived from Korea where they were packed away for months. This is the first thing I made. Moving to a new country – after many years abroad, the USA -is- a new country for me – can be daunting. When I remember to follow my heart, share my love, things are better, life is more beautiful. 

May I always remember… 

How do YOU create love in your difficult times? 

By casadewhimsy


I’m not sure I go along with this sentiment. On the deepest level, we are all the same, and yes, labels can get in the way. But labels also help us figure things out like… I’m not alone… there is hope… we belong….

Labels are just words. Words are tools. How a person uses their tools is not a condemnation or celebration of the tool so much as it is for the person.  


Murphy’s Law

There is always that thing that happens.

The lights are red when you are in a hurry, it rains on the day you leave your umbrella on the bus, your pen explodes onto your favorite shirt. 

Who was Murphy?  Can you imagine this as your legacy? Sad.